Our Service

  • International freight

    We devide our international carriage services into two for our principals, from which they can choose the most cost-effective solution for them.

    Full loads (FTL) transportation

    Partial loads (LTL) transportation

  • Carriage organization

    Our company has many years of experience in domestic and international freight transport of goods that enables to carry our customers' goods to any part of Europe.

    Due to our good reputation, large connection systems and thanks to the reliability of our subcontractors, we can provide optimal solution to our Principals' demands all over Europe.

  • Transportation of Dangerous goods (ADR)

    The suitable permits are at disposal of all of our company's fittings and drivers
    for transporting dangerous materials. We safely deliver the goods of our customers which require special attention by keeping the prescribed rules.
  • Domestic transportation

    Complete goods trasnportation throughout Serbia.