About Us

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of TP. KRAČUN –TRANS D. O. O.

The TP. KRAČUN –TRANS D. O. O. was established as a family enterprise.
In 2001 the enterprise became Ltd, and it made possible the quality improvement of our services as for example oversized and dangerous goods transportation.

Also our vehicle fleet expanded significantly, which is continuing to the present day.

We pay great attention to the European Union requirements, and of the fulfillment of our customers' needs and expectations as well.

TP. Kračun-Trans D.o.o. with its two decade experience , makes possible and always guarantees the best thing of the most cost-effective freight transport in accordance with the European Union standards. The aim of our enterprise is to provide quality service and confidence for our old and as well as for our new custumers.